Representative Sectors

Our mission is to partner with great companies and teams in the consumer space to navigate these dynamic times in the sectors where there is potential to unlock growth. Here are just a few of our key areas:

Beauty and Personal Care

  • Product innovation and the ability to connect with consumers with a strong relevant and unique brand.

Online and Virtual Fitness 

  • New emerging communities and methods of bringing health and wellness to the many in person and virtually.

Digital Technology, Retail and Marketplaces

  • Opportunities to build brands, business and  networks of like minded people with with distinctive product delivered in a relevant environment.

High-Growth Retail

  • Pockets of physical retail that have the ability to disrupt a category and have a clear path to grow.

Alternative Accommodations, Experiences and Hospitality

  • Whether the shared economy or new experiences and entertainment consumers are connecting for enjoyment more.

Smart Home

  • Our home and how we connect with it is a growth area we embrace. Smart product and services and new consumer trends have invigorated this area.

Functional Beverages, Foods, Brands and Ingredients 

  • The "good-for-you" revolution has taken hold and is a material and part of the trillion dollar food market place.  

Micro-mobility and Transportation

  • The new and traditional modes of transportation and the services around these sectors are large and in the midst of positive disruption and renewed growth

Pets and their Health, Nutrition and Lifestyle 

  • This sector continues to follow human desires to bring the pet closer to the family and its activities, unlocking great opportunities.

Recreation, Performance and Lifestyle 

  • The activities, the things we wear, the products and the experiences which enable us to enjoy the outdoors are vibrant and continuing to innovate and connect.